It is now possible to purchase Blink blinds that are installed in the glass of entry doors

According to Blink® Blinds + Glass and ODL, Inc

According to Blink® Blinds + Glass and ODL, Inc. , the makers of the best-selling blinds between glass in the industry, the most effective option for light and privacy control for a variety of window styles and sliding patio doors has been proven to be the most effective option for light and privacy control.  In addition to being simple to operate and safe, the maintenance-free blinds contained within an insulated glass unit are the most energy-efficient option currently available in the marketplace.  It is now possible to obtain the same benefits for hinged entry doors that are available for sliding entry doors.

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The hallmarks of this latest design are its low running effort combined with its long-term dependability.  It is available in a variety of standard doorglass and sidelight sizes.

All it takes is a single touch to adjust the lighting and maintain your personal space. . . . Simple movements of the arm of the EasyGlide Operator are all that is required to raise and lower the blinds and tilt them along the entire length of the window.  Stacking blinds take up only a small amount of space at the top of the glass when fully extended, thanks to a novel construction method developed by a leading architectural firm.  Using the entire privacy channel reduces the amount of light that gets into the room, as well as shadows and sun glare that gets into it.

Furthermore, because they are protected by two layers of glass, the blinds will retain their pristine appearance for a long period of time after installation.  Because they do not collect dust and pollen, and because they are not bent as a result of normal use, they are preferable to other types of furniture.

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Blinds with no dangling cords are considered to be safer than ordinary blinds because they do not pose a threat to children or animals, as opposed to conventional blinds.  Organizations such as the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and the Parents for Window Blind Safety have given their approval to these products.  A variety of colors and sizes of impact-resistant glass are available in certain models of Blink enclosed blinds.  All Blink enclosed blinds are constructed of tempered safety glass.  Blink enclosed blinds are available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit your needs.

Customization Made Simple: Blink Entry Doorglass is available in six fashionable colors and three doorglass frames, including the new low-profile ZEEL® frame, for a truly unique look.  All of the visible components, from the blind slats to the operator, are designed to work together to create a professional appearance that complements your interior design aesthetic preferences while remaining within budget.