If you're beginning to merch, I'd advise at least

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I'd recommend purchasing everything in the g.e. If you're working with raw materials such as raw logs, fish herb, etc. then I would advise selling in the streets for one price per unit. If you're selling any RS gold other item (basically not-skilling items) then I'd sell it via the g.e. It may take a while, but this is the best option since it's much harder to find someone looking for ten dragons' platelegs than the 2k runes of nature.

If you're beginning to merch, I'd advise at least 10-15m of merchandising. The general rule is to not be concerned about making a loss in the beginning. It is a reality for all of us. When I first started, I lost 6m my first attempt. Keep going and you'll understand the economics and market dynamics of runescape more. I've opted out of merching in favour of skilling, but it's the most efficient way to make good money.

Well, at Level 74 I've already earned 200 quest points and I've been completing quests since I reached level 15. I'd like to hear a suggestion for inventory and equipment (food or potions, for instance.) for questing in general. Things to keep close.

Anyone who steps forward. The best thing to do is to keep a stock of various potions and other substances like ropes. Having a main set that includes combat equipment of every kind is beneficial as well. Like having dragon hides for bosses who have strong mage attacks in addition to mage gear, and runes for when you need it in your quests.

It's all really an individual choice. I personally used to (around your own stats) just carry my set of rune and a berzerker helm plus my own whip. I'd carry them for almost every quest while being prepared with the required items along with some food, just in case it becomes necessary. Being a cape owner for quests in the present I'm sure you've made the right choice in making quests. Not only are the rewards pretty generous, but they're a good motivation for leveling your stats in all aspects.

I've recently started playing Runescape for the first time after 2 years or so of not playing. I started up on the old level 3 skiller and am thinking of staying on this account for a while at least. My question deals with a couple of skills. I'm aware of new ways to train and methods I could probably do however I'm not sure which ones they are and cheap OSRS GP how to accomplish them.