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You must ensure that you do not pass certain checkpoints. For example, if you are planning to create an Pure that is specifically Ranged it is important to increase the stat while keeping your melee statistics to a minimum. If you're planning to sneak in a an attack that is a special one of Granite Maul into it, go for 50 in Strength and Attack. But RuneScape gold no more than that. Additionally, you'll need at least 43 prayer for defensive prayers such as Protect from Melee. The more tools and special attacks that you get, the more your Combat Level will improve Always pay attention to how much levels you go for.

As a Combat Pure, you always need to choose at the beginning of the game which skills are more important to your character than those of the other. The suppression of certain skills drastically lowers the level of combat of the character that makes it easier to be killed. It is not advisable to complete your melee practice too fast because it could impact your ability to hit in high numbers, and therefore, it will allow your enemy plenty of time to replenish energy through food.

This is the reason why Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer abilities are generally the ones that are lower level. It's tough to tell which skill is most crucial, so it's up to player preferences on which skills to limit and which to max. When deciding, don't forget that the lower your level is, the easier enemies you'll be fighting, and consequently, the more successful you'll be.

If you're looking for the stat that is most censored, it's usually Defence, which is not necessary to play PVP. The higher the defense levels, the less your chances of landing an attack that is successful. But it does not lessen the damage you'll be able to cause. This skill is also accountable for the ability to wear gear. You'll be unable to wear a good armor or helmet without meeting the required level of Defence. It is the most crucial component as higher quality equipment can minimize the amount that you take.

So why is Defence less crucial than ability to deal with damage? It is because, besides defence, you possess the Hit Points attribute which determines the amount of health that you have. If your health points are very high and you have a good chance of surviving a lot even with the beginning level of Defence skill. If you're able to buy RS gold attain a decent level of your primary combat stat (either Attack, Magic, or Ranged) You'll be able of destroying your opponent before he kills you.