The only constant will remain Bo Jackson.

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In this NFL season, New York Giants running back and Nike player Saquon Barkley was Madden 22 coins given his own rendition of Air Trainer 3. What did it feel like to watch him pay homage to you by wearing the sneakers?

I gave him those shoes. It was like I was saying, 'Grasshopper, it's your opportunity to carry this torch. It's up to you to take it seriously. I'm confident that he will do a good job of that. Saquon is a very good child. He reminds me a number of my own. He's strong and has his head straight. That's the thing that impresses me most. The thing that impresses me is not his numbers. I like the way that he is able to carry himself.

The only constant will remain Bo Jackson. If you take a moment to think about all the NFL running backs who have been after you, which remind you most of yourself?

I can think of two -I can only think of two - Saquon as well as Derrick Henry -- on the power and strength of their bodies and ability to maneuver across the field and protect. They don't necessarily have the speed that I had. But they have created a system that works for them. They are very successful in their field. They're also looked at as top of the best running backs currently.

If you think back on your professional career, what's the most memorable action you've made that you believe could have been the result of an online game?

One thing that's not talked about with the exception of Denver Broncos fans is when we were at Denver and I was able to go through their defense on one play like the hot knife that cuts through butter. This isn't a joke, but just the fact being the size that I was at that time and the I was unable how to run in front of my pads. It's a fact that you won't be able to see me upright running when I didn't have someone 5 or 6 yards behind me trying to chase me. However, when I was in the middle of the road, in the middle of it all I only needed one moment to realize not running on your pads isn't good for you. I'm unable to recall his name however, he was a linebacker from the Cardinals during their time in Phoenix. He blew me up. He took me down on the 6or 7-yard line. He dropped me on the 2. He helped me get up and cheap Madden nfl 22 coins said, 'Hey Bo, look, you need to help me get my money. It's time to get faster.' I'm looking at him like, 'You done lost your damn mind. I'm not going down that hole again. After that play I bounced it to the outside and ran my speed.

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